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How to maintain your power bank?

source:本站 date:2015-08-14 


1.Test the power bank before buying it.

Ensure that it is working properly. Some retailers sell defective power banks; therefore, it is important to confirm that yours is working correctly.

2.Read the instructions on the product carefully before connecting it to your iPad, iPod, mobile phone or iPhone.

Most people connect their devices wrongly, leading to wrong power movement through power bank. This makes it defective.

If you do not know how to connect and you cannot understand the instructions given, look for an experienced computer or accessory expert to help you understand how to use the power bank. Avoid connecting the power bank if you have no experience in making connections.

3.Do not store the power bank at high temperatures.

High temperatures makes the wires expand. This will affect the transmission of current when using the power bank. Keep this device in a place with cool temperatures to allow easy flow of current and voltage when you make the connection.

4.Always ensure that Power bank has a stable and safe Li-polymer battery cell before connecting it.

This enables immediate power transfer after making the connection. Never make a connection if the battery is defective.

5.Clean your power bank regularly.

Dust and other dirt particles can make it rust. Rusting of the power bank has a big impact on power transfer. This will affect the lifespan of the power bank if corrective measures are not taken.

Do not use water when cleaning this power bank; only use a dry cloth to the remove dust. This is because it has reactive properties that may make it rust when it comes in to contact with water. After washing it, keep it in a clean and dry place.

6.Always store your power bank away from children's reach.

Dropping it or mishandling it will reduce its lifespan or make it defective.

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