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Service programs

1.For a description of the product and service commitment

1.1Provisions for product service in the case of the warranty period of the Company manufacture, installation and quality problems, the company responsible for free repair or replacement.

1.2 We provide free maintenance for 1 year after delivery, problems during this time of internal quality equipment to the site by the company responsible for the maintenance and commissioning. Replacement costs and maintenance costs occurring defective parts by the company to bear, resulting in other losses, it will independently undertake.

1.3After delivery of the goods, the company will be product tracking service. Marketing Department set up a special customer file cards and telephone complaints, to better provide satisfactory services for customers. I am in the annual summer and winter professional service personnel sent to the user side return visit and assist the user in product maintenance and repair. If the product quality problems, we after receiving the user of any kind of notification, the province eight hours, 24 hours outside the province rushed to the scene and to work immediately, or free repair or replace the product, as the case may be, in order to achieve customer requirement. In addition, the company also has offices in major cities high, to the fastest time of the scene.

1.4Product damage due to the improper use of customer and other causes, the marketing company marketing staff parties signed a maintenance contract with the customer, according to the maintenance contract, technical service group is responsible for the timely completion of maintenance tasks.

1.5 In addition to service outside the warranty period, the company also is responsible for equipment maintenance after the warranty period, but its after-sales service costs borne by the demand side.

2 Service embodiment (Details)

2.1Product service work program

2.1.1Commissioning and operation of the process of acceptance of the Company's products manufactured after the service until qualified products and work done after the recognition of the demand side, is the product of after-sales service.

2.1.2After-sales service based on customer requirements, quality issues and customer asked in detail about what happened to write "service work contact list", if necessary, to send technical maintenance personnel to the scene to understand the situation.

2.1.3After-sales service in accordance with the maintenance program, and depending on the size of their workload reasonable service personnel deployed immediately to reach the customer site.

2.1.4After sales service personnel arrived at the customer site, and the demand side, the technical staff of the maintenance program to confirm. If any objection from the production technology department organized relevant departments coordinate and solve problems.

2.1.5When service personnel on-site service program organized by both sides confirmed implemented. After the service, the attention of the demand side of the service project approved for acceptance and sign an opinion on the "service contact list." Service Demand side should take the initiative to ask specific requirements or improvements to our product quality and service quality.

2.2Service includes the installation and commissioning work products, equipment operation and maintenance instructions Operating and maintenance staff training, warranty relates to product quality problems or quality problems installation maintenance work.

2.3Major projects and services provision

2.3.1Set up a project office, directly in command by the vice president of technology and production, not only responsible for the contract liaison and coordination of the whole process, but also for product installation, commissioning to the warranty period (usually one year after the equipment put into operation) products running within escort to ensure product performance to meet user requirements.

2.3.2In the service user to set up the unit near the focal point, with a certain qualified and experienced service personnel responsible for the product before running the operation, maintenance, maintenance training, and provide maintenance plan during the warranty period.

2.3.3Product warranty period for regular maintenance free, while the operation of the product be carefully checked and recorded.

2.3.4Depending on the product operation, it can be sent continuously valet service 90 days (starting from the product into operational day) until the product is normally put into operation.

2.4Product quality job requirements visit

2.4.1Service Department in the form of letters and understand the operation of the annual product and customer requirements, comments and suggestions, and feedback to the relevant information to the relevant functional departments of the company.

2.4.2For major projects and key customers, if necessary by the service department to send someone to visit, information obtained in visits, advice and improvement requirements for documenting, and write back to the company after the "visit report" post office with a copy the relevant functional departments, in order to facilitate continuous improvement of product quality and improve.

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