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3~6F,BoHua Tech Park,Shangwei Industrial,Zhangkeng Path,Guanlan Street,LongHua New District, Shenzhen

Kingree founder Mr. Li Wenjin, was born in 1979 in Hubei Dangyang, from small independent and lively, he is good at it yourself gadgets, toys. To work from the beginning has been to enter the digital product development customization industry, he founded his own company in 2010, and gradually developed. It has introduced high-speed SMT production lines, assembly lines, packaging lines, while the set mold manufacturing, injection molding, injection, silk screen functions in one. Through ISO9001: 2000 international quality certification. In strict accordance with ISO: 9000 management system, ensure the stability of the manufacturing process for branded products provide a strong competitive edge, the company is equipped with General Manager's Office, R & D, Ministry of Personnel, Sales Department, Ministry of Foreign Trade, Marketing Department, the Finance Department, production Ministry of quality control, warehousing, procurement, logistics, services, e-commerce.

Since forward and stand, filled with infinite vitality and the ideal of the young team, committed to providing customized mobile phones, computers, digital cameras, outdoor riding, automotive and other fields: Bluetooth speaker, WIFI speakers, gift speakers, USB speakers, card speakers, portable speakers, outdoor speakers, waterproof speakers, stereo camping, bicycle audio, car audio, stereo mountaineering, backpacking speakers, square dance speakers, as well as mobile power (customize various capacity), and provide free design, according to the customers need to customize LOGO, capacity, color, one-stop service.

Kingree now covers an area of nearly 6,000 square meters, senior technical staff of more than 60, nearly 10 years of outstanding experience in manufacturing production. It has a full set of machining stamping equipment, strong production capacity, improve the quality of management, advanced and mature production technology. We committed to creating first-class digital products

With the continuous development and customer needs, and the Swiss into the formation of continuous improvement and development of district dealers, and set up branches or offices in the regional city of Zhejiang, Guangzhou, Beijing, Wuhan, Changsha, Fuzhou and Hong Kong, and sales network covering country. And independent import and export business, providing more convenience and benefits to overseas customers.

Over the years, Jin and Shui adhering to excellence, honesty and common development of business principles. In the most professional knowledge, reasonable price and high quality services to become the industry leader. To obtain the trust and cooperation of many outstanding manufacturing. And sincerely hope to cooperate together with you for a better situation.

Five years into the future and the Swiss will continue to build into the design strength, quality power, marketing power and consumer insight system as one of "three of a system," and the Swiss will be playing into China's most creative brands. Looking ahead, forward and Swiss development objectives are: to continuously upgrade the international operations of enterprises, establishment of technical advantages of its own intellectual property rights, and become a respected, most innovative global leader.

Kingree is your trusted partner

Since its founding: Kingree always uphold the "innovation, confident, perfect, trustworthy" business philosophy in their efforts, now we have all the advantages of electronic manufacturing enterprises admiration!

The historic - the world's leading

Kingree digital products business are inseparable partners, over 10 years of experience leading industry forward and the Swiss have become renowned worldwide known brands, sales networks throughout the world, with more than 3,000 worldwide digital business customers.

Industry and Technology - the world's first

Kingree is the global technology industry experts, but also with specialized leading companies.

Partners - powerful

Kingree services by many of the world's top 500 enterprises recognized and signed a long-term cooperation with many enterprises, and will be included in the standard forward and the Swiss supplier

Professional serious - Care

Kingree have their own professional services organization, the service has the most large-scale customer database management center, customer intimate style tracking services for customers free consulting and technical training.

Quality - integrity of the world

Kingree carefully selected suppliers and their products, so that for each product trial and comparison of parameters of the product for testing, the suppliers were strictly examined and screened as qualified suppliers, and maintain a consistent spirit status.

Private mold product: the launch 2-3 new models every month private mode.

Quality Assurance: from product design to development to surface treatment to the production of packaging all by A-level standards of quality checks.

Service with: no MOQ, the same quality and lowest price, sample preparation day, three days delivery, support cash on delivery.

Customers see plants: electronic screen display company name, shuttle bus, the person responsible for the reception, professional sales guided tour.

Professional training: to provide professional product training; customer development, customer confidence, satisfaction and loyalty training!

Company mission: to create a global digital product development customized business models!

Soul Culture: Military (super executive power) + School (super learning ability) + Family (respect for creation and personal thoughts)

Core values: sincere letter, respect, sunlight positive energy

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+86 755-23200180

+86 755-29570180

Shenzhen headquarters development base:3~6F,BoHua Tech Park,Shangwei Industrial,Zhangkeng Path,Guanlan Street,LongHua New District, Shenzhen
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