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3~6F,BoHua Tech Park,Shangwei Industrial,Zhangkeng Path,Guanlan Street,LongHua New District, Shenzhen

Kingree compared with traditional speaker manufacture

Choose Kingree and believe our professional ability

We have a professional R&D Team

Kingree has a professional R&D team which more than 60 people, from market research product positioning to ID design, structural design, electronic electroacoustic design ,mold development, prototype production, BOM output all of these have a full set of the complete development process with a high level technology

Many traditional factories without R&D ability

Traditional plants without design and development capability and poor in quality-mind , most products are based on copy from others.

Perfect standard system

10 years impeccable manufacturing system and quality system but also 8S system management experience.

Many traditional manufacturing without standard system

Most traditional factories adopt the traditional manufacturing method, the inspection of the quality of manufacturing system is not standard and not strict enough. They pay less attention on the details so that the product look cheap .

Dynamic, advanced high quality sound experience

As a professional manufacturer of the speakers Kingree has adopted the most advanced sound on the booster amplifier of matching the group dynamic speaker which can achieve the best music experience

Not focus on the quality of the voice so sounds poor

Traditional factories generally pay little attention to the quality of the sound experience, and they have an error, thinking the voice is more louder and quality is better,which causes the effect is very noisy.

Professional sales and service team

Has a professional sales team more than 10 years customer service experience, from the aspects of quality, delivery, cost more than a full range of follow-up, the professional knowledge of products has a wealth of experience.

Without professional service team

Many traditional factories are no perfect sales service team, in order to improve cost advantage many traditional factories will cut down off many process of important positions, which will causes many potential problems such as quality defect,delivery ,etc.

Shenzhen Kingree Electronic Co., Ltd
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+86 755-23200180

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Shenzhen headquarters development base:3~6F,BoHua Tech Park,Shangwei Industrial,Zhangkeng Path,Guanlan Street,LongHua New District, Shenzhen
24 hours global hotline:+86 755 29570180

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